People with fibromyalgia can develop trochanteric bursitis – which results in swelling and hip pain.

Have you ever heard of trochanteric bursitis? It is common condition that can form in people who have fibromyalgia. Trochanteric bursitis affects the fluid filled sacs (bursae) found between bones and soft tissues of the joints. The outer lining of the bursae becomes inflamed. I have recently had a lot of hip pain through the night, which prevents me from sleeping. No matter what position I try to sleep in, both hips ache with pain. I decided to research ” fibromyalgia and hip pain – and trochanteric bursitis was the first condition that showed up on my browser. After reading about bursitis – it sure sounds like this could be what I am experiencing. I will be getting it checked by a doctor in then near future.


What are the symptoms of hip bursitis?

  • Joint or hip pain
  • pain in the hip , buttocks and thigh
  • Pain when laying on the affected side ( in my case it is both sides)
  • May have soreness when you push on your hip area
  • Hip pain taking part in certain activities
  • Pain when you walk up stairs

For myself I find my hip pain worse when I am trying to sleep. I tend to sleep on my side, so there is always pressure on my hips. I wake up with one hip sore, so I switch to the other side. It eventually wakes me up from being so painful. It is a dull aching. I spend half my night trying to get comfortable. I even try to sleep on my back, but after I have pain on both sides of my hips, even that is too painful. My hip pain is not consistent, but I go through periods where it remains painful for weeks. By morning, it is difficult to stand up out of bed and aches on and off all day.


Treatment of bursitis often requires one to rest and allow the swelling to subside. This is the most important part of healing. One must avoid activities that could make the bursitis worse. If you do not, the recovery time may become longer. Icing the areas will help the pain levels and help decrease inflammation. I did read you can use heat later on. Over the counter anti inflammatory medications such as naproxen can be used. Your doctor may even prescribe a prescription anti inflammatory. If you are able to add in stretches, it is recommended. People who suffer from bursitis often have a tight IT band. Fibromyalgia itself can also cause a tight IT band due to the muscle tension. If the above treatments fail steroid injections or surgery may be considered.


When I speak to my doctor next week, I will have her assess me to be sure it is bursitis. I have been reading that bursitis and osteoarthritis can be mistaken for each other. I do know I have arthritis starting in my neck, but I’m unsure about my hips. My hip pain has only become a major issue in the last several months. I rarely had hip pain before this. The hips can also be a tender point area for fibromyalgia pain to attack. Always be sure to speak to your doctor first. Don’t assume it is automatically bursitis.


Here is A link about bursitis and fibromyalgia!


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